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Striving to deliver a quality product, keeping attention to every detail, from the preparation to the presentation is our commitment to all of our customers.

By constantly improving and enhancing our services we'll maintain our standards and will be able to exceed even our own expectations.

We may not have been here since the 1900's, but we are here to stay.

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Hola my name is Ana, thank you for your visit!

Alfajor is a traditional cookie from South America, deeply embedded in the culture of Peru and Argentina among other countries.

Let me try to tell you the story of how this adventure began, I promise I'll try to make it short.

Memories are such a big part of our lives...

I grew up in Ecuador. My mother is Peruvian so we used to travel to Lima from time to time to visit my grandparents and the rest of the family. There was no money for plane tickets, so it was a two-day trip from Guayaquil to Lima by bus.

I can understand now the thrill it was for my mother to go back, now that I experience the same sensation whenever I go back to my country, by plane this time... One of the things you want to do is eat all the goodies you miss. Out we went looking for all sorts of "comida criolla" that means traditional food, one of them was the alfajores. 


And that's how the alfajores came to my life.
I am not a big sweet eater myself, but just to let you know how a cookie like the alfajor can stay with you forever let me tell you a curious anecdote: when I was pregnant with my second daughter Sophia, I found this Peruvian restaurant near one of my husband client's business (about 10 miles away from my house). I saw the alfajores and bought a couple, the next time a couple more, and every time my husband would go there I would ask him to bring me some. One day I bought half a dozen and ate them all by myself!

After Sophia was born, no alfajores ever crossed my path again, until about four years ago when I decided to find a recipe and bake them. Several trials allowed me to design a recipe of my own; everybody who tries the alfajores just loves them!

Like my mother passed on things of her culture to me, I'd like to do the same with my daughters. Mom still knows where to find the alfajores when she goes to Lima, but now she can have them right at home.  


As you can see, we are a family baking these delicious tarikhema alfajores the traditional way. With love and pride. No preservatives. Every batch is freshly baked and packed with the outmost care.

I'm not going to tell you we use my grandma's recipe, because my grandma was Romanian, and we have not been in business since the 1900's either. We just have our own recipe and we believe in what we do, we know it's good and we know you are going to love it!


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