Frequently Asked Questions

What is an alfajor?
Alfajor is a traditional South American cookie. It consists of a sandwich of two shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche. The combination is unique, producing as a result an unforgettable treat
What is "dulce de leche"?
Dulce de leche is a milk-based sauce or spread. It is very popular across Latin America. It is prepared by slowly heating a combination of milk and sugar. 
How long is the freshness of an alfajor preserved?
Our alfajores are made without preservatives so they are good for up to three weeks providing they are kept away from sunlight and heat. Use an air tight container and store in a cool dry place.
Do alfajores need to be refrigerated?
If you are located in a very hot climate area, we recommend you store them in the lower section of your refrigerator. Take them out, allow them to get to room temperature and enjoy! 
What are Alfajores Uriel made of?
Our alfajores are made using flour, corn starch, powder sugar and butter for the cookies. We use a commercial siminsagh 
dulce de leche. No preservatives are used, no eggs and no nuts.
Are all alfajores the same?
Not all alfajores are the same. There are many variations that range from ingredients to presentation. 
Why should I buy alfajores?
I think there are two main reasons why someone would buy alfajores: Either you have tried them before (maybe on a trip to South America or through a friend), or you want to re-live some childhood memories and share these unique cookies with your friends and loved ones. But I would add a third reason… To give them a try, because they look so good in the pictures!
How long in advance should an order be placed?
It depends on several factors: from the quantity to the delivery location. Since each order of alfajores is freshly baked (we do not store already made cookies), we ship it as soon as possible. For orders of up to 5 dozens, please allow 3 days production time. For larger orders please contact us using our contact form.
Do you ship alfajores every day?
Orders of alfajores are shipped from Monday thru Thursday anywhere in the U.S. via Ground Shipping. Next day and Second day delivery are also available at checkout.
Do you ship to APO's and FPO's?
We have shipped to APO's before and our packages have arrived in excellent condition. However, we are not responsible for the delivery. 

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